Dog Days Treats "Doggie Model Search"

Dog Days Treats "Doggie Model Search"

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    Dog Days Treats

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    10 Sep, 2017 11:59 am to 31 Dec, 2018 11:59 am

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Dog Days Treats will be updating our packaging with new labels over the next year and we need new dogs to be featured on the front of our labels. We currently have more than 10 different flavors of 100% all natural dog treats. Our treats that have multiple sizes will have the same dog on all the sizes. If you would like to have your dog featured on a bag of Dog Days Treats, just go to your local store that sells Dog Days Treats and pick up your dogs's favorite flavor. You can also go to or Amazon if you do not have a local store selling Dog Days Treats (Ask your local store to get them). Then just take a picture of your dog with the bag of Dog Days Treats and follow the directions to submit your dog. All submissions will be kept in the contest until all our current and new labels are filled. We will be seleting about one per month. Selected dogs who appear on the Dog Days Treats label will recieve a year's supply of the treat they are selected for. Other opportunities, such as local appearances at festivals and other events are possible. Winners will be required to sign a release. No royalties will be paid for the use of your dogs likeness. If you would like to have a chance for your dog to be included in contest without purchasing a bag of Dog Days Treats, you can send a photo of your dog to P. O. Box 245 Waleska, GA 30183.