Summer 2k13

Summer 2k13

  • Hosted By:

    Macy Weir

  • Period:

    18 Apr, 2013 6:00 am to 6 May, 2013 9:00 am

I want to take part in this contest

Fairly Easy! All you have to do is submit your photo that you feel best represents Summer 2013! Edited photos are exepted as long as they are YOURS.

1) Photo MUST be yours

2) Share the link with your friends

3) If possible, follow @MacyWeir_ on Instagram for future information and contest entries!


If your photo is any of the following, it will not be accepted.

-Blurry or Pixel-y

-A 'selfie'

-Containing innapropraite or nude content

-Any photo that is not your origional creation


WINNER will get their photo posted on my website (with a watermark of your name) and if you followed @MacyWeir_ you will recieve a shoutout to over 1,000 people.