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Digby Wells represents many companies in their efforts to be responsible with regards to their operations and activities when the environment is at stake. We seek to ensure that the environment is adequately and professionally represented. It is no good that we pass on our skills to our clients alone and do not practice what we preach. Digby Wells is launching the “Going Green” initiative to ensure that our house is in order, and that we are representing the environment at all levels. The initiative will help us to be more responsible with the use of our natural resources, contributing to a greener future.

Altoid Tin Design Contest

If you have decorated, adorned, collaged, storied, ornamented, changed or improved an altoid show them off here. Over the past few years I have sold over 400 altoid tins on etsy. Curious to see what became of them I decided to have a design contest. After the deadline February 9, 2013 this site will remain to show the various techniques to embellish altoid tins.

Month One Top Pro Photographers Rock Star Qualify

A free monthly photography contest for "ONLY" "Top Professionals in the photography Field." It's our "Top Pro Rock Star Photographers Contest" On Winner (1st Place) receives medallion and $50 Cash and some serious bragging rights! (And advancement into the finals *January 2014) 2nd and third place finishers receive a medallion. (And a hug) This is one of three free photography contests (3 categories) for 2013 being sponsored by Photographic

Month One Semi Pro Photo Rock Star Qualify

A free photography contest for persons "not new" to photography yet still not totally pros. This is the "Semi-Pro Photo Contest" for month one. ( Winner receives medallion and $50 bond and $25 cash or gas card. 2nd and third place finishers receive a medallion. This is one of three free photography contests (3 categories)for 2013, all being sponsored by Photographic